About Us

Campus Events is a university department supported by student activity fees. Comprised of two professional staff advisors, a graduate assistant and a board of student leaders, selected by application and interview, Campus Events strives to design and host a variety of events for the Georgia State community.

Campus Events hosts an array of events such as the Distinguished Speaker Series, Open Mic Nights, Pantherpalooza, GSU Night at the Aquarium, GSU Night at Six Flags, and the Miss Georgia State University Scholarship Pageant, the Courtyard Music Series, and more special events throughout the academic year.

Our musical events include monthly Open Mic Nights, Plazas, the Courtyard Music Series, and Pantherpalooza. Regular Open Mic Nights and plaza events offer Georgia State students the opportunity to showcase their musical and artistic talent. While Open Mic Nights take place once a month in the evening, our plaza events occur more frequently and from 12:15-1p.m. Plazas include everything from student acoustic acts to well-known campus DJs.

Throughout the year, the Courtyard Series hosts smaller musical acts from around the country, but also provides students with the option of showcasing their own talent. The Courtyard Music Series has become a regular 12:15-1 p.m. lunch time event for many students on-campus. The annual Pantherpalooza concert is one of Campus Events’ largest musical events; we collaborate with Spotlight Programs Board to bring high-profile musical acts such Kendrick Lamar, Elle Varner, Karmin, DEV and many more.

The Distinguished Speaker Series is beginning its sixth year at Georgia State University. The Distinguished Speaker Series invites culturally relevant and renowned individuals to speak to the Georgia State University community. The series is known as being an accomplished program not only around Georgia State and metro Atlanta, but among other colleges and universities throughout the United States. These enriching events allow Georgia State University students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to hear, meet and greet the likes of co-founder of Apple Computers, Steve Wozniak, musician John Legend, astronaut Mark Kelly, animal activist Jane Goodall, and the award winning Lisa Ling. The Distinguished Speakers Series is designed to challenge and educate the campus community to think critically. The events are open to the Georgia State community and public and are free of charge.

Some of the most popular special events offer Georgia State students, faculty and staff the opportunity to experience attractions off-campus in the metro-Atlanta area. Events such as GSU Night at the Aquarium, GSU Night at Six Flags, and College Night at the High Museum of Art bring the campus community together throughout the metro-Atlanta area.