About Us

Campus Events, a department within the Division of Student Affairs, is supported by student activity fees that offers educational, social, and cultural programs for the Georgia State University community. Campus Events strives to create and host a variety of events for the Georgia State community such as the Distinguished Speaker Series, the Courtyard Music Series, Ideas & Issues programs, Student Art Exhibits, Georgia State Night at the Aquarium, Georgia State Night at Six Flags, the Panthers at Woodruff (P.A.W.) Pass Program, the Miss Georgia State University Scholarship Pageant, and more special events throughout the academic year.

Campus Events’ goals align with those of the Student Center and fall under the following pillars: innovative programs, foster meaningful growth opportunities, and nurture an inclusive and diverse community.

Pillar: Innovative programs
Goal 1. Offer new programs to the Georgia State University downtown campus
Goal 2. Meet the needs of the diverse Georgia State University student population
Goal 3. Utilize more technology in Campus Events programs

Pillar: Foster meaningful growth opportunities
Goal 1. Provide purposeful workshops and training opportunities for the directors and associate board
Goal 2. Create programs at which attendees will learn and enhance their personal and professional growth

Pillar: Nurture an inclusive and diverse community
Goal 1. Provide inviting programs that make the Georgia State University community feel welcome
Goal 2. Marketing materials are easily accessible to the diverse student population

Please check out the Upcoming Events tab on our website to find more information about the programs offered to the Georgia State student community.